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Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender

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Ready your toothbrush, schedule that checkup at the dentist, and prepare yourself for our sweet treat trio.

Bundling our three bestsellers into an incredible 3-bar pack, you'll be unwrapping the might taste of our crunch sensation that is the Honeycomb bar, with the tempting bite of our sweet & salty Salted Caramel, tempered by our our original Smooth & Creamy.


  • 1 x 110g bar of our Smooth & Creamy
  • 1 x 110g bar of our Salted Caramel
  • 1 x 110g bar of our Honeycomb

Handmade & hand wrapped in Lincolnshire, England.

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Product Information - Variety Packs

Our Chocolate

These bars are made from the finest plant-based ingredients, just like nature intended. Dairy was added to chocolate over 100 years ago, and as we've proved, it was completely unnecessary.

Our chocolate bars are suitable for vegans.

Please store the chocolate in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Yummy Ingredients

For ingredient information please check individual shop items.


For nutritional information please check individual shop items

Allergy Information

For allergy information please check individual shop items

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

As always this chocolate is lovely

Bee Kind
Delicious chocolate

I am always willing to try plant-based products and get extra excited if it's chocolate. I've been a vegan a few years now and I have a few 'go to' brands to give me that fabulous happy feeling that chocolate can give! I'm really impressed with Chocoholics Anonymous. I bought quite a bit (free postage if I did!) and I'm glad I did. So far I've tried 4 different flavours and they are all great. The fruit and nut really did take me back to old vegetarian days and reminded me very much of a well-known fruit and nut bar! Yummy stuff indeed. I am currently working through Salted Caramel and it's really flavoursome, a big hit of caramel and a tantalising aftertaste of salt. The bars are pricey but all vegan chocolate is pricey (because we're all so wealthy of course!). These bars are chunky and substantial and designed to savour I think rather than eat quickly. I will buy again and I do/will recommend to anyone who enjoys milk chocolate and any plant-based folk who misses that dairy taste. If you want to up my happiness bubble even further please consider creating a white bar!

Isobel Mitchell
Speedy delivery

Bought as a gift so can’t comment personally but my daughter says it’s lovely. Arrived quickly and was nicely wrapped.