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Undairy® Library O.G Collection

Undairy® Library O.G Collection

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Catch up on some 'reading', with our fabulous Chocolate Library

Contained within our giftable / keepable boxette is a selection of our original Undairy® flavours;

  • An indulgent Salted Caramel bar, because everything has bl**dy salted caramel in it these days, 
  • A Fruit & Nut bar. One for the ladies. 
  • A Honeycomb bar to keep the kids quiet,
  • A Chunky Nut bar because it's my favourite. Deal with it.
  • & a Smooth & Creamy bar to hide under the bed and snaffle away for yourself.

We would put a longer description, but this email we received from Sally describes our library excellently.

"Dear Laura and Chris,

Oh dear! I was given a Chocolate Library for Christmas. I've spent the last 7 months swimming to lose I've tasted your Chocolate I'm going to have to start all over again! I really only meant to have one small square of Fruit & Nut, but before I came to my senses and my Christmas day stress levels had come down, the whole bar was gone! The dog has been irritating me and stressed me out so that's 3/4 of the honeycomb gone! I'm sure my husband will upset me tomorrow so I may have to finish the honeycomb and start on Chunky Nut. I am supposed to share the Chocolate with him, but i don't want to. That leaves Smooth & Creamy and Orange - I may have to go to the sales or get stuck in traffic in order to get stressed......or maybe just be honest with myself and just enjoy your fabulous chocolate without feeling guilty. Delicious! Thanks."

- Sally

5 x 110g sharing bars.

Handmade & hand wrapped in Lincolnshire, England.

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Product Information - Variety Packs

Our Chocolate

These bars are made from the finest plant-based ingredients, just like nature intended. Dairy was added to chocolate over 100 years ago, and as we've proved, it was completely unnecessary.

Our chocolate bars are suitable for vegans.

Please store the chocolate in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Yummy Ingredients

For ingredient information please check individual shop items.


For nutritional information please check individual shop items

Allergy Information

For allergy information please check individual shop items

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Just amazing chocolate

We tried this chocolate at a food festival and loved the different flavours. We didn’t know it was dairy free until later - it certainly doesn’t taste like free-from chocolate at all!
We bought it just because it’s lovely chocolate!
Bought on Black Friday so got a sample of the dark chocolate too which we love and are very excited about becoming a regular flavour.
Lovely chocolate, a lovely gift, lovely people - happy to support this small growing business


Just totally delicious.

The best vegan chocolate on the market

Love love love this chocolate, I keep coming back. Got the bundle as a Christmas gift, good way to try all the flavours, and to gift vegans a sweet treat. It’s going to be very hard to giveaway.

Michael Henson
The only Lactofree chocolate you will ever need!

Simply lovey! Better than milk chocolate!, everything on point even down to the handwritten delivery note!

Can we have a subscription service Please! I need a monthly fix, so i dont reorder once ive eaten them!!

Marie Hedges
SHARE….NO….Just buy double as you will eat it. 😉

I can’t tell everyone how good your chocolate is. 😋EVERYONE WILL WANT SOME 😋
Bought for a gift and I am now going to have buy more as it didn’t get anywhere near the wrapping paper. Well done Chocoholics