The Undairy Swap

The Undairy™ Swap

The Undairy Swap™

At Chocoholics Anonymous®, we have a single, primary mission; replace dairy chocolate bars on the shelves with our delicious Undairy™ chocolate.

The philosophy is simple: Make the Undairy Swap - it's a more sustainable choice. 

The challenge? The chocolate has to taste incredible for people to want to switch.

"The current range of vegan milk chocolate just isn't good enough," said Chris Chappill, co-founder. "Whereas our Undairy™ chocolate actually tastes like the traditional milk chocolate people are used to. That means, for the first time, not only can vegans enjoy the milk chocolate they've been missing out on, but dairy die-hards who simply want to enjoy good chocolate can do so, without compromising on taste."

"We want to make the Undairy™ swap really easy for people," said Laura Chappill, co-founder of Chocoholics Anonymous®. "There's no sacrifice of taste or texture with our chocolate. We give you a chunky, creamy product that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of."

Be part of the Undairy™ swap.

Chocoholics Anonymous® chocolate will be available exclusively on their website and at various exhibitions and shows throughout 2023. You can find the full list of shows here


For more information, please contact: Chris Chappill or Laura Chappill

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